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In the digital age, data is king. Companies sit on hoards of information concerning their customers, internal operations, and the market as a whole but rarely know how to unlock its value. That's why businessmen who know their way around data are in hot demand. However, you're not going to get very far using Excel on that much data. The BAD Club is devoted to teaching MBA students about data analytics, key tools, and basic programming.

Round Out Your HBS Education With Us

Skill Building

We run workshops that teach MBA students the technical skills they need to collect, tame and utilize data from a variety of sources, including traditional databases, open APIs, web-scraping and (of course) social media.

Professional Development

Most MBAs forgo analytics in favor of softer, more familiar skills. This limits their potential and leaves a glaring hole in their business knowledge. We fill that gap and prepare MBAs to explore the ever-growing field of business analytics.

Corporate Outreach

We host events with a variety of companies that use data analytics to drive business. Their real world stories bring into sharp focus the nebulous idea of "big data". These sessions are also a great way to land a great job.

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